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Women writing a marketing plan.
Planning session over coffee
Crafting a Sales Playbook

At LepageMade we will work with you to plan, grow, and scale your business.  ​What worked for Sales Teams in the past, won't work today.  Sales and Marketing teams have to work hand and hand to be successful.  Let's work together to quickly determined what will work specifically for you and your team.  We will work to understand your strategy, what is working, and what is not, and craft a custom solution. 


Roberta Lepage has over a decade of Marketing and Sales experience specializing in growing SaaS Startups and small businesses  

Dillon Eaton | Meta Addiction Treatment

Working with LepageMade has been a great experience. LepageMade has had a hand in our logo design, created Swag/merchandize, and advised on new business development strategy.   

Plan. Grow. Scale

LepageMade works with small businesses and Tech Startups to launch, grow, and scale with a focus on revenue generation and operations.

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Danville, NH


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