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Download Progress Bar Android: A Guide to Customizing and Implementing It in Your App

I am trying to write a simple application that gets updated. For this I need a simple function that can download a file and show the current progress in a ProgressDialog. I know how to do the ProgressDialog, but I'm not sure how to display the current progress and how to download the file in the first place.

The method above (doInBackground) runs always on a background thread. You shouldn't do any UI tasks there. On the other hand, the onProgressUpdate and onPreExecute run on the UI thread, so there you can change the progress bar:

download progress bar android


As the title says, recently updated to Android 10. Now when I'm downloading anything in Spotify, there is no download progress in the notification dropdown. I have notification enabled and the phone is not in Do Not Disturb.

I've also having an issue where when I'm downloading songs and I have Spotify minimized without bringing it back up for a while, I would go to bring Spotify back up it would restart as if I had just opened it with the splash screen showing and the songs not being fully downloaded. This issue for me started occurring at the same time as the download progress notifications stopped showing up.

Android ProgressBar is a graphical view indicator that shows some progress. Android progress bar displays a bar representing the completing of the task. Progress bar in android is useful since it gives the user an idea of time to finish its task. Using a ProgressBar is a good user experience practice since it displays the status of progress of the given task (such as downloading an image) to the user.

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The activity_main.xml contains a RelativeLayout as the parent view which contains a Horizontal ProgressBar and a Circular one along with a TextView to display the progress in numeric terms. activity_main.xml

I am working on an android app and hope you could help me. In my main activity, I have a recyclerview and on click of an item it takes me to second activity and loads another recyclerview (to load the data, I have a thread that runs in the background and takes 2-5 second to load). So far this is working as expected. But when it loads I want to show a loading screen/progress bar which I am unable to add it. Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

I am working on app which shows current light in the room by light sensor. It displays the amount of light in terms of lx. So, I want to show this amount of light on progressbar. As the light will increase or decrease, the progressbar should show progress according to it, Please tell me how to do this.

In the first example of ProgressBar we displayed a default spinning wheel progress bar and a start button whenever a user click on the button the progress bar is displayed. Below is the final output, download code and step by step explanation:

In the second example we display a horizontal progress bar with drawable background and a start button. Here whenever a user clicks on button a thread is used to start the progress. Below is the final output, download code and step by step explanation:

Android Progress Dialog is a UI which shows the progress of a task like you want user to wait until the previous lined up task is completed and for that purpose you can use progress dialog. Read our Progressdialog tutorial with example.

In android, two types of progress indicators available, one is determinate and another one is indeterminate. If we are known about how long the operation will take to complete, then we can use the determinate form of the indicator. In case if we are not aware of how long the operation will run then we can use the indeterminate form of indicator.

Following is the pictorial representation of using a different type of android progress indicators (determinate and indeterminate) to show the progress of current operation in notification.

Generally, the progress indicators in android are implemented by using the ProgressBar class. To display the progress indicators in our app, we need to add the progress bar to our notification by calling setProgress(max, progress, false) method and then issue the notification.

Here the third argument in setProgress() method is used to indicate whether the progress bar is determinate (false) or indeterminate (true). As our operation proceeds, we need to increase the value of progress and update the status of notification. At the end of operation, the progress value must be equal to max value. The better way to call setProgress() is to set max value to 100 and then increment progress as a percent complete value for the operation.

Create a new android application using android studio and give names as ProgressNotification. In case if you are not aware of creating an app in android studio check this article Android Hello World App.

Once we are done with creation of layout with required controls, we need to load the XML layout resource from our activity onCreate() callback method, for that open main activity file from \java\com.tutlane.progressnotification path and write the code like as shown below.

No progress is shown in the Mozilla application (tab, icon or dialog) about the file being downloaded. Only a green bar appears in the Mozilla Firefox Icon in the Windows Task Bar showing the download progress.

The ProgressDialog class provides methods to work on progress bar like setProgress(), setMessage(), setProgressStyle(), setMax(), show() etc. The progress range of Progress Dialog is 0 to 10000.

The .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) ProgressBar indicates to users that the app is progressing through a lengthy activity. The progress bar is a horizontal bar that is filled to a percentage represented by a double value.

The ProgressTo method animates the ProgressBar from its current Progress value to a provided value over time. The method accepts a double progress value, a uint duration in milliseconds, an Easing enum value and returns a Task. The following example demonstrates how to animate a ProgressBar:

I'm quite sure that this is based on the fact that updates aren't loaded fully but in parts. The notification bar then shows the progress only for what is really being downloaded, the Play Store itself shows the progress for the entire app.

Another similar type of mod by developer C3C076 places the download progress of apps and files in your status bar for easier viewing. In this guide, I'm going to show you how to get it on your Android and use it.

The progress bar doesn't overwhelm you or obstruct anything, it simply runs along your status bar, notifying you of your download's progress. When you're ready to see it in action, simply download an app from the Google Play Store and watch its progression.

Still buggy. The progress bar always shows on the top of my screen and doesn't reset after a download. I tried downloading something recently and it failed about a third of the way, and thats where the progress bar is stuck as now, until I try downloading something else. Xposed shows a 1.1 update, which hopefully fixes it, but the download is 404'ing right now.

This demo is created for the android developers who are facing problem to put code for download file with progress bar. Here is my small effort to do that. I have again used LoopJ Library. I used LoopJ Library in my previous blog of AsyncImageView.

Most download operations use the standard Android download manager, which provides developers with a robust and reliable solution. A few popular examples that make use of it include the Play Store, Chrome and the Xposed Installer. (If you're curious, the "Downloads" app on your phone provides an interface for viewing files that have been downloaded using the Android download manager.)

If you want to view the progress of an ongoing download, you'd usually have to pull down the notification bar to do so. This can be distracting, and causes the current activity to lose focus (especially noticeable if you're playing a quick game while waiting for your download to complete). Fortunately, XDA Recognized Contributor C3C076 wrote an Xposed module that allows you to take a quick glance at the current download's progress, in a very unobstructive manner.

Statusbar Download Progress acts similarly to battery bars, which you might be familiar with. It displays a line on top of your status bar, filling it horizontally as your download progresses. You can also pick the progress bar's color, mode (choose between the status bar's top and bottom edges) and margin.

Hi guys! Today we are going to do a script that will show an Android progress bar while downloading a file. A progress bar looks good for the user to be notified about the progress of the download.We will easily use a UI thread with Android AsyncTask. In other terms, we will use a subclass to handle our downloader thread.Our output is something like this

Since updating my MacBook Pro to macOS Catalina, which removes iTunes, I can no longer view the download progress of updating the software for my iPhone. When updating through iTunes there used to be a progress status bar giving me an idea of time to download. But now, since the updates occur through Finder, all I see is a spinning icon next to my phones name. Is there any way to show the download progress and time left in this new Catalina update?

It will show the size of the current (* and all previous (*.ipsw) update files, which can be used to estimate progress. For example, for a 2.9G update file (can be estimated using previous update files), if we see that the current update file size is 2.3G, then the progress would be approximately 2.3G / 2.9G = 79%. By running the above command periodically, we can somewhat know how long it may still take (or at least the downloading is still in progress and not stopped because of network or other issue).


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